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Muhsoft was established in 9th April 2012 to fill the gap in engineering software industry in Turkey. The first software package, the result of years of experience is muhStatik which makes static calculations for buried pipes. Besides, the company has developed muhProfile software to design pipe profile. Furthermore, there are other software that is still under research and development.


Our founder, Kenan Kılıçaslan is currently holding certified professional engineering title upon his graduation from Machinery Engineering department of Yıldız University, Istanbul in 1989 and his completing master study in the same major and at the same university in 1992. Following his second post-graduate study in Computer Engineering, he lectured at a University as a faculty and conducted academic studies in his field for 7 years.

Since 1997, he has been performing studies about substructure pipe networks which are still continuing. He conducted resistance and hydraulic calculations for buried pipes for years. Among his recent studies, we may mention a web-based static calculation software for Dizayn Teknik A.Ş. in 2001; and another static and hydraulic calculation software named “Calculations for Plastic Pipe Engineering” for Fırat Plastik A.Ş. in 2007.

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